Since my early childhood, I am a fervent trainspotter, and travel geek. I spend most of my free time in trains and planes all over Europe (and the world). After Switzerland, France, the United-States and Finland, Norway is the fifth country I live in. 

Having grown up in Switzerland, I can hardly live more than two weeks without seeing mountains. 

Luzern - SwitzerlandPicture: Corentin Poyet 
Törökszentmiklós  - HungaryPicture: Corentin Poyet 
Meiringen - SwitzerlandPicture: Corentin Poyet 
Kraków - PolandPicture: Corentin Poyet 
Furka - SwitzerlandPicture: Corentin Poyet
Dresden - GermanyPicture: Corentin Poyet
Venezia - ItalyPicture: Corentin Poyet